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6 brilliant energy boosters

In need of a physical and mental kickstart? Here’s how to recharge your dwindling energy supplies and put the spring back into your step. By VICTORIA CRAWFORD


Best for a head-to-toe recharge… Shaquda Suvé Body Brush Short

When your body holds on to toxins, you start to feel tired and sluggish. Body brushing supports your lymphatic system to rid the body of toxins and, as a result, helps to lift your energy levels. It takes just two minutes, but it must be done regularly and on dry skin to have any impact. Start from your feet and hands, working your way up towards your heart with short, sweeping movements. The process may be tedious, but the results are worth your persistence.


Best for a morning kickstart… The Nue Co. Power Up

Adaptogens are a group of herbs that help sustain hormonal equilibrium. Maca, or Peruvian ginseng, is one such herbaceous plant that is rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron. It’s found in this The Nue Co. powder – the nutty flavor lends itself to most foods, so sprinkle it liberally over your morning oats or into juice.

Best for a PM pick-me-up… Moon Juice Power Dust

Rhodiola is another adaptogen and, like maca, has impressive energizing powers. However, this herb is also good for helping your body deal with physiological and psychological stress. If you feel a mid-afternoon slump coming on, add a teaspoonful of this blended powder to warm almond or oat milk for a much more beneficial alternative to your usual chocolate bar or flat white.

Best for mental motivation… De Mamiel Sleep Series - Rise

If you’re not a fan of supplements but are intrigued by adaptogens, de Mamiel’s Rise rollerball will bridge the gap. With rhodiola, maca and he shou wu, this formula gives you a fast-acting, sharp hit of energy and focus. Just pat the oil onto your pulse points and take three deep breaths.

Best for relieving tension… Briogeo Scalp Revival Stimulating Therapy Massager

Stress is huge energy drainer and often results in tension headaches. While this gadget was developed to boost hair growth, it is also exceptionally good at relieving stress and reducing uncomfortable tightness in the scalp. With firm pressure, massage your entire scalp with the soft rubber nodules while shampooing and you’ll be amazed by how fresh, light and revived your scalp feels once you’ve dried and styled your hair.

  • Briogeo
    Scalp Revival Stimulating Therapy Massager

Best for energizing your home… Anya Hindmarch Smells Sun Lotion Scented Candle

Emulate that invigorating post-beach warmth we associate with summer by lighting Anya Hindmarch’s distinctive and very addictive Sun Lotion scented candle – the bergamot and cedar wood fragrance always lifts the spirits. You’ll almost feel sand between your toes.

  • Anya Hindmarch Smells
    Sun Lotion scented candle, 175g