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Micro-needling 101: The at-home tools and tips

Looking to supercharge your skincare regime? Micro-needling can transform your complexion – EVIE LEATHAM gets straight to the point


What is it?

Micro-needling, derma-rolling, derma-stamping… Whichever term you use, the technique involves piercing skin with tiny needles. Not to be confused with deeper in-clinic treatments that cause micro-damage in order to stimulate collagen, requiring downtime and numbing cream, at-home devices penetrate skin superficially – around 0.2-0.75mm – resulting in minimal redness. “The needles create tiny channels in the skin, which allows products to penetrate better, helping to tighten pores, treat lines and resurface skin over time,” says Los Angeles-based skin expert Jamie Sherrill, founder of cutting-edge skincare brand Nurse Jamie.

The DIY devices

Micro-needling pushes active serums and oils deep into the skin; the trick is to apply your chosen skincare product, micro-needle, then reapply. But avoid retinols or vitamin C, as these can cause irritation – and if you have active acne or rosacea, micro-needling in any form is not for you. You need a light touch, warns Sherrill: “People apply too much pressure with the false idea that the harder you push, the better the results.” She prefers flat stamp-style devices, as rollers “push needles in at an angle, making them more likely to tear skin”.

People apply too much pressure with the false idea that the harder you push, the better the results

Micro-needling ‘masks’

The new high-tech skin patches do the needlework for you. Inspired by advanced micro-needle delivery systems that administer medications such as insulin, these patches are dotted with micro-needles made from solidified active ingredients, which painlessly penetrate skin to a much deeper level and then dissolve. 111Skin Meso Infusion Overnight Micro Mask is great for targeting eyes and frown lines, while Natura Bissé Inhibit High Definition Patches come in various shapes to fit facial contours. See below for PORTER’s essential at-home micro-needling kit.


  • Teresa Tarmey
    Microneedling Kit
  • 111Skin
    Meso Infusion Overnight Micro Mask x 4
  • Natura Bissé
    Inhibit High Definition Patches x 4
  • Nannette de Gaspé
    Art of Noir - Roller Noir

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