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How to tame frizzy hair

When it comes to fighting frizz, London-based hair specialist Zoltan Vargyai is the go-to for beauty editors and industry insiders. We asked him to explain the different types of frizz and share his tips for staying frizz-free – for good. By CHANELLE HO


For naturally frizzy hair that can’t be tamed by products…

If you were born with frizzy hair and no amount of serums, creams or sprays seem to work, then a professional salon treatment is the best solution. “A Brazilian Blow Dry will re-texturize your hair and smooth any frizz and flyaways,” says Zoltan. “It can last anywhere between two-to-eight months, depending on the strength and type of the treatment.”

For frizz that is puffy, fluffy and unmanageable…

“If your frizz tends to be ‘poofy’, it is probably caused by over-styling, bleach or chemical damage, and external factors such as pollution,” says Zoltan. “This is the kind of frizz that conditioning serums and hair masks work really well with, but they don’t have to be super-heavy – try treatment serums, oils and lighter hair masks.”

For hair that only frizzes in rain or humidity…

If you find that frizz only arises in damp or humid weather, it’s probably because your hair is dehydrated. “The lack of moisture in the hair means that it soaks up any moisture in the air when it can, making it frizzy,” explains Zoltan. “You need to rehydrate the hair, so make sure that you use a leave-in conditioner every day. Opt for rich hair masks and conditioners that really penetrate the hair, and try at-home treatments and serums to rehydrate the lengths of the hair while you sleep.”

Zoltan’s ultimate anti-frizz tips…

• “One of the best ways to prevent frizz and make it more manageable is learning to blow-dry your hair correctly. Instead of blasting and blowing upwards into the roots, always blow-dry in a downwards direction, whether you’re rough-drying or styling.”

• “Take care when towel-drying your hair (especially if you have textured hair) and use microfiber towels, gently pressing to dry rather than rubbing back and forth, which causes frizz and breakage.”

• “Sleeping with a silk head wrap or on a silk pillowcase not only prevents hair breakage throughout the night, but the fabric doesn’t absorb as much moisture from the hair as regular cotton pillowcases do, leaving you with silkier and frizz-free hair in the morning.”


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