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Nadine Leopold’s AM/PM routine

Top models are constantly traveling and wearing makeup for shoots and shows, so how do they always look incredible? Austrian-born NADINE LEOPOLD shares her daily rituals, go-to skincare products and jet-lag antidote



I start every day…

…by drinking one liter of water, followed by a fresh celery juice that I make in the juicer. I then wait 30 minutes before I have a cup of coffee while watching an episode of Friends – it’s what gets me out of bed.

I’m a big believer in morning gratitude…

…it sets me up for the day ahead. Every morning I say out loud what I am grateful for before I start my day.

I workout…

…as soon as I get up. I’ve been working with trainer Stephen Pasterino of P.volve, in New York, whose methods of slow and controlled sculpting, weighted movements and stances helped me feel my strongest and most confident for my first Victoria’s Secret show last year. If I’m working away from home I’ll stream his classes online. My body has changed a lot [since I started], particularly the muscle definition.

For breakfast…

…I usually have some scrambled eggs with rice cakes, or oatmeal with berries, plus a cup of hot water with lemon and a dash of cayenne pepper. I also take a hair supplement and a good daily multivitamin – I’ve been using them for a long time and notice the difference when I don’t take them.

I always carry with me…

…a good face mist for on-the-go hydration.



Cleansing is non-negotiable…

…especially after a fashion show or an event. I like to use a Clarisonic brush alongside Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Facial Scrub. I then follow with a serum, moisturizer and Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Eye Rescue, then twice a week I’ll use a sheet mask – I love 111Skin’s Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask.

Jet lag is my nemesis…

…and with the nature of my job I tend to travel frequently. To combat it, along with drinking lots of water, I always make sure I book in for either a cryotherapy session or an infrared sauna when I touch down (in New York I go to Higher Dose, and in London I like to go to Glow Bar) – I find it helps me to reset.

On my bedside table…

…I have an eye mask (I don’t have blackout blinds), my phone (it’s the only alarm that I don’t sleep through), and a hair tie.

Before bedtime…

…I love to stretch. Every evening after a relaxing Epsom salt bath, I spend about 15 minutes stretching out my whole body. I love doing the Pigeon Pose – it’s a great hip opener and I tend to keep a lot of stress in my hips. If I’m wired but tired I’ll watch a movie on Netflix before I go to sleep, such as When Harry Met Sally or Sleepless in Seattle – it helps me to switch off from everything else.

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