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Diane Kruger’s AM/PM routine

Self-confessed makeup obsessive DIANE KRUGER reveals her favorite foundation, lipstick frustration and the exercise regime she swears by



I wake up five minutes before I have to be somewhere…

…so I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to skincare. Those days of wondering, ‘Oh, shall I try out that mask today?’, are definitely over with a newborn baby [Kruger gave birth to a baby girl with partner Norman Reedus in November]; I just wash my face with a creamy cleanser like Cetaphil and follow with an Augustinus Bader moisturizer.

My breakfast is very German…

…I have dark pumpernickel [rye] bread with butter, jam and sometimes cheese on it, with a black coffee on the side.

I’m a huge makeup obsessive…

…I own an obscene amount of makeup as I tend to do my own for events. When I used to model, going in to makeup was always the best part of the job – you can really change someone’s face with makeup.

But I don’t wear lipstick that much…

…I find that it comes off too easily and always needs to be reapplied. I have so much appreciation for the glamour of a strong lip look and the girls who really commit to it, but every time I do it for the red carpet I just get annoyed.

Right now I am obsessed with…

…Tom Ford Stick Foundation, which is unbelievably light, and Marc Jacobs gel eyeshadow, which is super-pigmented so you only need the tiniest of amounts.



I love to go to the gym in the afternoons…

…especially now with having a baby, it’s an hour that I put aside just for me (with the help of a nanny or my mom). I work out on the cardio machines, the elliptical in particular, and then I do weights. I hate doing classes but I am extremely disciplined from my ballet days and workout for one hour, three days a week.

I use coconut oil…

…for just about everything, including on my daughter. I’m pretty regimented and lo-fi with my skin and don’t change it up too much apart from switching to a thicker-textured moisturizer in winter.

Cooking helps me to relax and wind down…

…My signature dish is an eight-hour lamb, which I love to do on a Sunday. You put it in at 2pm and it cooks all day and the house smells amazing. I like trying new recipes, too – particularly Jamie Oliver stuff.

I love to sleep…

…and I have no problem with going to sleep immediately. I was always a good sleeper but now, with my daughter, I can truly go to bed at 8pm. When she goes to sleep at 7pm, I’m like, ‘Why don’t I just go to bed now, too?’

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