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How to get great legs

L-R: Toni Garrn, Imaan Hammam and Anja Rubik have perfected the art of having flawless red-carpet legs, no matter how high their hemlines

Ensuring that your legs look toned and gleaming for party season takes a little preparation. NEWBY HANDS sets the program


Twice a week

Even the sleekest of legs can get little puffy, pouchy pockets of fluid, or patches of dry, dull and flaky skin (the shins have the driest skin on the body), especially in winter months when we’re less active and more covered up. The best advice I’ve heard is from Kate Shapland, a long-term sufferer of water retention who used her own experience to create Legology, a genuinely excellent range of reshaping products. “If you want to see a real difference, think about prepping your legs in the way that you regularly prime your face,” she tells me. Her routine (try it twice weekly) starts with a good skin scrub: “Crunchy salt and oil scrubs are great, especially those with diuretic Himalayan salts as they help shift trapped fluid.” Adding salts to your bath, particularly Epsom, will also aid the depuffing process. “Next, give heavy legs the Scandi spa treatment by using the shower head to alternate warm (not hot) then cold water over feet, ankles, legs and bottom.” Try 20 seconds on each section, repeating three times – the skin-firming and flesh-tightening effects you get are amazing.

Every day

“Even simple things, like always making sure you towel-dry briskly, working from the ankles upwards, stimulates the lymphatic system and makes a difference to water retention,” says Shapland. “Every time you use a body treatment cream or oil, massage it into the trouble spots around the ankles, behind the knees and especially on the inner thigh.” Ideally, you should alternate between a skin-polishing AHA or glycolic body cream one day, and a depuffing cream or oil the next – Lancer Nourish is my favorite as it gives bare skin an incredible dewy glow, while the glycolic acid smooths skin over time.

Before a big night

As the woman famous for prepping A-list bodies for shoots, films sets and red carpets, Nichola Joss advises that glowing skin comes from layering up your products: “A self-tan makes a great base but it can look ‘flat’, so you need to finish by adding shine and dewiness to the skin, especially down the front of the shin and over the arch of the foot. It’s also good to use a hyaluronic acid serum on shins, where the skin gets dry and crepey, as it instantly gives a real plumpness and glow.” Taking her layering advice, I mix a light body lotion with a bit of skin tint – even a foundation or summer liquid bronzer – plus a few drops of luminizer, then blend it over my bare legs. This way you can tailor it – more bronze-toned one evening, more silver another – depending on your preference or your dress.


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