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The Life Hacks This Wellness Expert Swears By

MELISSA WOOD TEPPERBERG – aka fitness guru @melissawoodhealth – practically glows with vitality. But what wellness and beauty-regime hacks will really help you reap the rewards? DANIELLE FOX discovers Melissa’s three Ms: movement, meditation and moisturizer

Melissa Wood Tepperberg


As soon as I wake up…

…I think of at least one thing in that moment I’m extremely grateful for – it always set the tone for gratitude to start my day.

I dry body brush before every shower…

…moving up the limbs and down the torso for a couple of minutes. I also envision washing away any negative energy on my body from the day before as the water goes down the drain. I swear it does wonders in [helping me to] let go. Then, a couple of days per week (mostly at the weekend), I’ll use the De La Heart wooden paddle on my limbs and torso after the shower, too.

I’ve lived a life covered in cystic acne

Once I learned to love myself more – no matter what I looked like or what was going on in my life – it changed the way I started thinking about myself. I’ve come a long way by removing negative self-talk as a norm from my life. Once you do, it’s no longer in your vocabulary.

On days I have a breakout…

…I do my skincare routine, use the infrared sauna, put a ZitSticka on and move on with my day without drawing any more attention to it. Before you know it, it’s literally gone.

Skincare has been a savior

I use the Youth To The People Superfood Cleanser. I follow with January Labs Restorative Tonic Mist, Furtuna Biphase Moisturizing Oil (while using a Wildling gua sha on my face and neck), and then I take a clean, dry face towel to press the oil into my face so I don’t feel too oily. Next, I’ll use Furtuna Skin Face and Eye Serum, Youth To The People Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream, and Saie Slip Tint for SPF. Lastly, I apply Kora Organics Balancing Rose Mist to seal it all in.

Supplements are my non-negotiable

I take Seed probiotics first thing in the morning with warm water and lemon, along with the Mary Ruth’s Adrenal & Focus drops. I also love Mary Ruth’s Methyl B12 Spray and Anima Mundi Ashwagandha, and take Sakara Rx The Foundation after I eat.

I followed a vegan diet for many years – until I found myself wanting other things

While I love a plant-focused way of life and follow a simple approach to food to optimize my digestion, what I’ve come to realize is no matter what food choices you make, the more you can let go of the word ‘diet’ and make mindful eating your way of life, the more it results in freedom to eat what you feel called to eat. This mindset has taught me to enjoy what’s in front of me with zero guilt or shame attached.

I’ve slowed down my workouts

In the past, I focused on cardio and high-intensity workouts to see results. When I started meditating, I connected to slower, more controlled movements – and, as I listened to my body, I intuitively started combining yoga and Pilates together, which not only changed my body but, more importantly, had the biggest impact on my mind. This is entirely what led me to create the MWH Method.


I am the queen of taking good care of myself…

…and I’m proud to share that. I love taking a hot bath with Epsom salts and a Highline Wellness CBD Bath Bomb at least once a week, while lighting my Instant Karma Snif Candle, putting on a Rael sheet mask and listening to a powerful guided meditation with a Sakara Detox Tea in hand. It’s so relaxing – it only lasts 15 minutes or so, but that’s really all you need to feel like a new person.

I’m a big fan of gua sha…

…and it’s a big part of my pre-event prep, followed by a sheet mask. My can’t-live-without products are Ilia Highlighting Stick, Kjaer Weis Reverence Cream Blush, Ilia Bronzing Stick, and the RMS Beauty Sensual Skin Trio Palette so your makeup doesn’t move. These are the things that give your face the most insane, bronzy-dewy glow and everyone will ask what you have on, I promise!

My facials with JTAV have been life-changing

I started seeing Joie Tavernise when I had cystic acne. She’s been so loving and kind to me, which I think really helped with my healing. I literally look back at pictures of myself from years ago and feel like I’ve reversed in age.

I dim the lights and light a candle for my wind-down routine…

…then I put my legs up the wall to increase circulation and reduce the inflammation from being on my legs all day. Going into an inversion before bed really enhances sleep quality.

I turn all electronics off an hour before bed

I take Highline Wellness CBD Night Oil, read a good book – or journal if I have a lot on my mind to get it all out. Then, lights out.

I swear by my Snooz White Noise Sound Machine…

…which is amazing for enhancing your quality of sleep. I also keep a selenite crystal on my bedside table to keep me feeling grounded. I always keep a copy of A Course in Miracles by Helen Schucman near, too. It’s been my go-to resource for more than 10 years because it brings me back to myself and shifts my perspective in a matter of minutes. And for those ‘aha’ moments, I love to journal; writing has become a major release in my life.


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