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5 Easy Ways To Elevate Athleisure

We’re all familiar with those days when you just can’t face wearing anything but leggings or sweats, but what do you do when you need to look more pulled together? There are several styling tricks that will immediately add polish to your trackpants, sweatshirt and sneakers, ensuring you won’t feel scruffy in these sporty staples

Words Kara KiaFashion editor Hannah Cole
Hailey Bieber masters the high-low mix with an oversized camel coat over an all-black athleisure look – accessorized with sunglasses, of course

Athleisure has been an off-duty staple for years, but it was the pandemic that really saw it accelerate as dress codes softened and, overnight, it became an entire section of our closets that was suddenly worth investing in. These are items that can be a solid foundation for your everyday wardrobe, not just reserved for a yoga class – and the likes of Hailey Bieber (pictured) and other stylish tastemakers show that athleisure can be elevated to so much more than exercise kit. Spoiler alert: an oversized, sweeping coat and a pair of sunglasses are your best friends here.

The base of your outfit may well be a comfortable and very casual tracksuit, but if you contrast it with the smartest items you own, your look becomes instantly more luxe and considered. The three items that will elevate a tracksuit beautifully are as follows: an oversized wool coat (the boxier the better, as proportion is key here), followed by a beautiful leather handbag, such as this Bottega Veneta tote, finished off with a simple baseball cap. This look is lunges-to-lunch at its finest (or lie-in-to-lunch if that’s more your vibe).

Some trends take even the most seasoned fashion experts by surprise, and the luxe fleece has been an unexpected but much-loved addition to our winter closets. There are myriad stylish iterations of the practical fleece, such as this plush green zip-up jacket by