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Art of Style

Get dressed with Julia Haghjoo

Thanks to her “timeless with a twist” style, German art director JULIA HAGHJOO has amassed a cult following of fashion admirers. Here’s how she pulls a look together

The art director says her “modern, elegant and timeless” looks are inspired by what she sees on and off the catwalk during Fashion Month

Try new things – but don’t stray too far

“I’d say my style is modern, elegant and timeless – but with a twist. I get really inspired seeing how everyone is dressed at fashion week; it makes me want to play with bright colors and prints, but most of the time my palette is quite muted, which I think comes from growing up in Hamburg where the style is extremely classic. You have to find the perfect balance between trying new things but also staying true to yourself, otherwise you won’t be comfortable and to me that’s the most important thing. There is a subtle shift in my look from one season to the next: during the winter I go for a modern look with an emphasis on layering and tailoring, but in the summer it all gets a bit more ladylike and I swap in dresses and midi skirts.”


Ditch the heels

“Accessories are a great way to have a little fun with your look. I think women look beautiful in high heels but I rarely wear them myself; I just physically could not last a full day in them. And right now there are so many great flat shoes and kitten heels that I am happy without them. I have a great pair of By Far boots that I basically live in; they can freshen up any look in an instant. My jewelry really depends on my mood, but I do think it’s an essential part of any outfit. I love costume and contemporary designers, but I believe fine jewelry is really worth the investment, like a watch by Chopard or Jaeger-LeCoultre. Those are the kind of pieces that, if I ever have a daughter, I can pass down to her one day.”

Well-chosen accessories and fine jewelry are the secret to Haghjoo’s polished style

Lay the groundwork

“A collection of beautiful basics is the core of every great closet. They’re worth spending the money on because they last for years. I prefer to invest in a few really high-quality pieces – like a classic camel coat, timeless handbag or cashmere sweater – that I know I’ll wear forever, rather than buying tons of cheaper clothes that will either fall apart or I’ll forget about after a month. Plus, it’s just more convenient: I travel constantly and don’t want to bring loads of luggage with me everywhere I go. Essentials are always the base of my look but then I upgrade them by adding runway pieces or vintage treasures as the focal point. Top tip? I roll as opposed to fold – that way I can get more in my suitcase.”

Haghjoo elevates simple foundation pieces with vintage finds or runway buys

Play favorites

“At the top of my wish list at the moment is a navy blazer by Blazé Milano and Chloé’s new logo bag. Natacha Ramsay-Levi has really transformed the house – what she’s doing is so modern but with an elegant twist. Every season she presents a collection that is just full of pieces that women really want to wear.”

Pared-back beauty is Haghjoo’s preference, though she’s partial to a red lip for events

Take a deep breath

“When it comes to hair and beauty I prefer a natural look; even for big events, the most I’ll go for is a red lip and maybe an up-do. I don’t like looking too ‘done’. When ombré hair was in I tried that, but when I look back at photos of myself I just wonder why – it’s so not me. I do love going for treatments though. I suffer from pretty bad back pain, especially when I’m stressed, and I find that massages really help. I think looking after your body, taking time out and breathing properly are incredibly important. I love working out at the gym, yoga and meditating, which I just recently discovered – it really calms me. I try to exercise three or four times a week; it gives me a sense of control during those times when life feels a bit crazy.”

Have a strong suit

“Powerful women like Meghan Markle and Phoebe Philo inspire me. I am also a huge fan of Victoria Beckham; I think her transformation from Spice Girl to business mogul is amazing, plus she wears a lot of suits, which I love. When I meet friends for dinner or a night out, that’s what I wear. I have a pinstripe one and a few from Joseph that I adore. They make me feel strong, comfortably and utterly myself. They’re also great day-to-night pieces – just throw your hair up in a bun, add some red lipstick, more jewelry and you’re good to go.”

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