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Mind & Body

Nicole Warne’s AM/PM routine

Aussie-raised editor NICOLE WARNE is known for her incredible style, which is why the world’s biggest luxury brands queue up to work with her. She shares a glimpse into her busy daily routine



I wake up to natural light…

…I’m a heavy sleeper so I leave the curtains open. My husband [photographer Luke Shadbolt] and I rise with the sun. Since reading The Secret, I always take a few minutes when I wake to visualize what I want to achieve from the day.

A protein shake starts my day…

…with hemp seeds, flaxseed oil and water in the morning if I’m working out. I’ll add The Beauty Chef’s Glow Advanced Inner Beauty Powder: it’s an amazing powder that nourishes the skin from within. I often use a zucchini to thicken my smoothies as it creates the same consistency as adding banana but without the sugar, and it doesn’t have an odd taste. I started taking supplements once I went vegan; I take a vegan fish oil as well as two different probiotics to help with my digestion.

SPF is non-negotiable…

…being Australian, I have been trained since childhood to use SPF 50+ every day as the sun is so harsh. I have lots of freckles that are a result of sun damage but I like them. I’m half South Korean and half Japanese and in those countries flawless, porcelain skin has traditionally been the ideal, but my freckles are the result of a happy life lived by the ocean so it’s a great compromise.

I don’t wear much makeup during the day…

…as having regular eyelash lifts mean I don’t have to wear mascara. They completely open up the eyes by giving lashes a permanent curl. I won’t wear foundation unless I’m at an event or meeting, when I’ll mix Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation with Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer so it looks much dewier.

I have to stop myself over-exfoliating…

…because I love the feeling it creates of soft, ‘new’ skin. Whenever I’m in Sydney I see my facialist Melanie Grant for microdermabrasion, which I wish I could do daily. Every few weeks she gives me an organic enzyme facial peel and a hydrating vitamin infusion, using ultrasound to push the products 800 times deeper into my skin. I also have regular red and blue light treatments to help reduce inflammation and encourage collagen production.



I’m a reformed night owl…

…my business relies heavily on social media and there’s always a time zone where someone is awake, so I have to make a real effort to switch off – it’s important to put your health and mental wellbeing first. Reading a book really helps me wind down, and if I’m looking at any screens in the evening I wear glasses that block blue light.

My body routine usually gets last priority…

…but once a week I have an Epsom salt bath and use a salt body scrub, then apply coconut oil – if it’s just before bed, I use Kiehl’s Crème de Corps, as straight-up coconut oil can leave the sheets oily. Before getting into bed I always raise my legs up against a wall to help boost circulation.

I use retinol every night…

…it’s one of those ingredients that isn’t about marketing but real science – you cannot argue with the results. I’m really pedantic about my skincare when I’m traveling so while I often switch serums, I’ll always use SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic, and the Hydrating B5 serum is great for plumping skin if you’ve just gotten off a flight.

I keep plants by my bed…

…to clear the air in the room. It helps me breathe a lot easier at night. My husband has sinus problems and keeps a huge lily plant next to his side of the bed and it really seems to have made a difference.

When I travel, I miss the ocean …

…it’s like a really loud, natural lullaby. My husband and I have made a geeky recording of the sound of the ocean from our house in Australia so that we can listen to it when we’re away. I use it on planes to help me relax. That and the melatonin I take while traveling helps me to sleep.

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