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Art of Style

Get dressed with Hana Jirickova

Hana Jirickova has become one of the most sought-after names in modeling thanks to her chameleon-like abilities. Off-set, she’s making waves due to her effortless yet elegant off-duty style. Be inspired…


Comfort is all-important

“Day to day, my style is easy-going and relaxed. I like mixing up new pieces with vintage finds and having fun with what I wear, but ultimately comfort is the most important thing for me. You can’t go wrong with a pair of Re/Done jeans, a simple tee and nice sneakers. The key to building a great wardrobe is making sure that your biggest purchases are timeless pieces that will never go out of style. I love what The Row is doing right now; its tailoring is beautiful, and the quality is exceptional. One woman whose closet I’d love to raid is Debbie Harry. Part of her allure is her attitude – she’s fearless.”

Go-to label
The Row is Jirickova’s favorite brand for high-quality, timeless tailoring

Get into gadgets

“Being a model, my hair goes through a lot, so I like to give it a rest when I can. It’s important to use good products – Oribe’s Gold Lust line is my preferred choice – and I avoid too much heat styling. I’m the same with makeup; when I’m not working, I’ll wear a little foundation and eyeliner at most, and I take skincare seriously. I just bought this new gadget, the Foreo Luna Play – it’s like an electric brush that massages your skin for a really deep cleanse; I’ve been using it every day with a foaming cleanser. But the real secret to great skin is working on it from the inside out; if you’re happy and you live a healthy lifestyle, it shows. Over the years I’ve picked up beauty tricks from being on set, the best being that if you want to create beautiful texture in your hair, braid it when it’s damp. Also, putting your face masks in the fridge ensures that they stay super fresh.”

Perfect your in-flight routine

“I’m based between London and New York, but honestly, I travel so much for work that it feels more like I live out of a suitcase. I don’t tailor my outfits to suit different destinations: I always stay true to my own style no matter where in the world I am. Sometimes I’ll only find out I have to travel an hour before my flight is due to take off, so I’ve gotten pretty good at packing. The number one rule is to roll, not fold, your clothes – that way they get way less creased. I also make sure to maximize the flight time: I bring a miniature diffuser with different essential oils depending on whether I need to get relaxed or energized during the journey. I also have a dried-lavender eye mask that helps me get to sleep and I always do a hydrating sheet mask, so that when I land I feel like I’ve just stepped out of a spa.”

The Czech-born model is never without her diamond cross necklace

Embellish liberally

“My style is quite minimal, but I do love jewelry. I wear a diamond cross that was given to me by my family every day. It’s my lucky charm – I’d feel naked without it. I’m constantly freaking out about losing it; I have to be super careful on set not to accidentally leave it behind or give it to a stylist. My approach to jewelry is quite similar to the way I dress. I love mixing new pieces with vintage ones. I think of buying a new piece of jewelry as making an investment because it’s made from such precious stones and metals – it makes it easier to part with the money!”

Jirickova favors a low-key look for day but goes for all-out glamour for evening events

Don’t hold back

“Growing up, I didn’t have a clue about fashion. I have two brothers and I was always wearing their hand-me-downs; I was a total tomboy. Working in the fashion industry has had a huge impact on my personal style – I feel so privileged to be among the first to see all these amazing pieces before they hit the stores – but it does mean my wish list is constantly growing. Sometimes I’ll wear an amazing piece on set and think, ‘I need to have this,’ and then try and talk myself out of it. But to be honest it’s usually my bad side that wins those arguments! When it comes to getting dressed for a night out, my style doesn’t change much – I’ll just add eye makeup or slick my hair back – but if I’m going to a fancy event I do enjoy getting dressed up. It’s such a contrast to my normal self that it feels almost like role play. I haven’t had any awful style mishaps, but I would say one thing – nipple covers do not work, so if you’re going for an outrageous look, just do it!”

You do you

“I am a hyperactive person and need to be doing something at all times. When I have time off work I love making art, and I bring my sketch book with me everywhere I go. Practicing art is really important for my mental health and happiness; I just get lost in it. I’m planning a trip to Moscow soon as my friend just opened a new boutique hotel there called Richter Hotel Moscow – it’s like a creative hub that attracts loads of interesting people; they even host art exhibitions and have their own printing press and radio station. I also find that exercising has a huge impact on my mood. I love playing tennis and recently started a barre class taught by a Bolshoi ballerina. She’s amazing – she really kicks your ass.”

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